Manpower Solutions

With huge clientele assistance and industrial understanding, we are engaged in offering Manpower Service & Solutions. Our extensive range of Manpower Solutions cover an entire range of Human Resource Management (HRM) from market mapping and assessment to career, placement and workforce management. We provide customized solutions to suit the organization need & requirement. 

HR Solutions

We offer HR solutions that synchronize HR goals with business goals to drive companies. We work well with companies that cannot justify the costs associated with a full-time HR department. Our clients are confident of us that we deliver the HR Services with such mechanism that

boosts & fasten their HR operational engine. We provide an easy outsourced solution by maintaining standards in employment practices. We help you protect your business and employees from the risks associated with mistakes in HR administration. We guide you to avoid & minimize costly litigation by maintaining compliance with legal & regulatory employment regulations and providing management training and support.

Bulk Hiring

With a dedicated team of experienced Bulk hiring recruitment experts, we have a well-defined process to attract a large pool of talent through social media channels, advertising and organising job fairs or large recruitment events. We analyse the need of hiring bulk talent of the

client and then arrange walk-in drives or campus recruitment or other hiring approach. We have 10+ years’ experience with huge database of candidates in BPO’s, Insurance, Banking, Corporates, Hotels and Manufacturing Sectors. 

HR Consulting

HR consulting is a line of work where consultants provide one or more categories of HR-related services to the business. These might include helping the business develop a suitable employee benefits package, handling the recruitment process and hiring of a new workforce, making

reorganisation recommendations or acting as a liaison between management and employees to help resolve employee disputes.

As an HR consultant, we work for a company in an independent manner. We use our professional expertise as part of a team approach to build relations and develop employment mechanism with the businesses & organizations. 

Our Specific Responsibilities related to consulting are: 

  • Meeting with clients to determine their HR needs or issues.
  • Working with clients to develop, revise and implement appropriate HR policies.
  • Assessing the client’s current HR services and programs to be sure they comply with legal & regulatory requirements and are consistent with industry standards.
  • Analysing data and developing reports for management about specific HR projects.
  • Auditing the client’s HR activities to verify they are compliant.
  • Offering HR-related training to each client.


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