Labour Law Compliances are the mandatory rules and regulations which the companies have to follow. These are a set of rules and conditions set for employment. The Economy and Working culture of the industries have changed and developed over time, but the Labour law compliance rules are still 50-100 years are old.

Concepts under Labour Law:

It includes employee benefits and termination, the rules and regulations set for employees,  etc. There are various acts included in labour Compliance rules. Some major acts included in the labour law compliance rule are:

  • Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions Services) Act, 1996
  • Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970, Equal Remuneration Act,1976
  • Minimum Wages Act,1948 and Mines Act, 1952, Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Act 1946, etc.


We at SUNIL KUMAR HUF under the supervision of SVK Group provide all types of Consultancy & Labour Welfare Fund Act Compliance Audit Services in India. Labour welfare fund is a statutory contribution managed by individual state authorities. The state labour welfare board determines the amount and frequency of the contribution. The contribution and periodicity of remittance differs with every state.
Labour welfare is an aid in the form of money or necessities for those in need. It provides facilities to labourers in order to improve their working conditions, provide social security, and raise their standard of living. 

To justify the above statement, various state legislatures have enacted an Act exclusively focusing on welfare of the workers, known as the Labour Welfare Fund Act. The Labour Welfare Fund Act incorporates various services, benefits and facilities offered to the employee by the employer. Such facilities are offered by the means of contribution from the employer and the employee. However, the rate of contribution may differ from one state to another.

Scope of Labour Welfare Fund Act

The scope of this Act is extended to housing, family care & worker’s health service by providing medical examination, clinic for general treatment, infant welfare, women’s general education, workers activity facilities, marriage, education, funeral etc. State specific Labour Welfare Funds are funded by contributions from the employer, employee and in few states, the government also.

Applicability of the Act

In order to provide social security to workers, the government has introduced the Labour Welfare Fund Act. This act has been implemented in 16 states out of 37 states including union territories.

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