Facility Management

With an industry experience of 10+ years in managing facility services for our reputed clients, we help them in managing & maintaining their space with individual team for Housekeeping, Cleaning, Gardening, Pest Control & Maintenance services with security and safety. Our integrated Facility Management approach helps companies save cost and provide them all types of Facility services with single point of contact.

Housekeeping Services

With a track record of housekeeping and happy customers, SVK Security is your best choice for housekeeping services designed to fit your budget and schedule. We work closely with Corporates, Residential Apartments, Builders, Banks and related sectors to build a custom housekeeping plan that fits their housekeeping requirement & timing.

Cleaning Services (Office / Residential)

For more than 10+ years, SVK has established itself as the trusted name in professional housekeeping & cleaning services. Our Cleaning Services are ideal for Corporates, Residential Apartments, Builders & Vacation Homes. 

Our cleaning services include:

  • Vacuum – We vacuum all floors in each & very cabin & open areas. This includes stairs, carpeted receptions, cabins, hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. We remove furniture cushions and vacuum up crumbs, pet hair, and dust.
  • Dust – We dust each surface of your property to reduce allergens. This includes mantles, picture frames, light fixtures, fan blades, window sills, blinds, wardrobes, entertainment centres, dressers, side tables, and more. We remove cobwebs in ceiling corners and ensure no dust bunnies are left behind.
  • Mop –We mop hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. We also wipe down grimy baseboards.
  • Sanitize – We sanitize high-use areas such as toilets, reception, kitchen counter tops, and doorknobs.
  • Wipe down – We wipe down and scrub bathroom faucets, sink basins, mirrors, vanities, counter tops, and the surrounding areas. We scrub soap scum and mildew from tile, grout, and glass shower doors. In the kitchen, we wipe down the stove top, control knobs, cabinets, counter tops, and back splashes. We clean the grease and food splatters in your microwave and wipe down the exterior of all appliances.
  • Final touches – We empty all trashcans, fluff cushions, and straighten chairs and area rugs.


With its multi-services category, SVK provides Gardening services including occasional / permanent gardener to give customers the unique results they are looking for. We define a specific garden care plan with your needs & requirement in mind. After that our team will get to work, helping you

keep your Garden healthy, vibrant and lush. From Weed-control and raking to soil cultivation and edge definition, our Horticulture team do everything necessary to keep your Garden bed look beautiful. When you need reliable and trustworthy garden care, just give a call to SVK services and our garden care specialists will provide expertise maintenance services making your garden an impressive site visit. 

Pest Control Services

SVK provides effective pest control services in North India Region to households and businesses. With experienced technical guidance and skilled solutions, we provide the best pest control services. To keep current with new technology, procedures, and tools, all of our professionals 

and staff members go through intensive training and certification programmers. This is done on a regular basis to guarantee that we deliver effective and environmentally friendly pest control services to safeguard your home and company.
We provide a comprehensive range of pest control services for all business sectors. Following a pest risk assessment, our service plans are tailored and science-based. Service packages are delivered on a daily, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. 

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is work undertaken to keep, restore or improve every facility, i.e., every part of a building, its services and surroundings to a currently acceptable standard and to sustain the utility and value of the facility. 

SVK is a trusted name for all types of Facility Management Services. Building maintenance includes a wide variety of tasks depending on the particular business or organization. It encompasses a great deal of “behind the scenes” work to ensure that a facility or building remains functional and comfortable for its users. Building maintenance includes cleaning common areas, removing trash regularly, and repairing items that are broken. It can involve inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services. Maintenance of buildings may be broadly classified in three categories. 

Types of Maintenance of Building

  • Routine maintenance,
  • Preventive maintenance, and
  • Remedial maintenance/measure or repair.


Electrician Services:

A building maintenance department handles all the systems, repairs, and ongoing tasks to keep a facility running each and every day. Often, other employees of the business take much of the maintenance team’s work for granted.

They simply expect that the building assets & utilities like computers, printers, Ac’s and other electrical equipment will work properly without any interruption. Electrical installations, internal wiring, switches, fans, Ac’s, water-heater, etc. are to be checked out at regular intervals to find out if there is any leakage spot which is common in old buildings. These are to be fixed & repaired at regular interval. The wiring is to be replaced once in two decades to prevent any hazard caused by short circuit. These ae the basic requirements needed by Business & Residential sectors. 

For all these type of electrical maintenance services, SVK is always available to sort out your problems. Just give a call, discuss your requirement and be relaxed. All your services would be handled by our trained experts as all of our professionals and staff members go through intensive training and certification. 

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