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Founded by Mr. Sunil Kumar, SVK has grown into a leading organization providing security services PAN India. SVK delivers quality security services at affordable prices. With overall advancement and info technology becoming integral part of the day-to-day functioning, the aspect of the Security cover has gained considerable importance and much deserved respect. Today with Security intruders becoming equally alert and their awareness level going high, the aspect of Security cannot be taken lightly. To provide security solutions for the complex and dynamic security needs of industry specific clients, SVK utilizes the expertise of specialized company associates. We maintain the highest performance standards in each security services we offer.

Our Security services are uniquely positioned to offer customized security services to meet the specific needs of any organization. Among the security services offered by SVK Security are Security Guards, Armed Guards / Gunman, Personal Guards, Detective services, Bouncer Services etc. 

Security Guards

security guard is a person employed by a government or private organization to protect the employing party’s assets such as property, people, money etc. from a variety of hazards and criminal activities by enforcing preventative measures. SVK is known for its speciality in preparing experienced security guards that are mentally & physically fit which creates an integrated security services network. Our security staff ensures that your premises, staff & property remain secure. Our success is a result of ensuring a hassle-free experience with our static security guards. We offer security services to all Industries, Corporate houses, Banking Sectors and similar Govt. Organizations as per their specific requirements.

Lady Guards:

Today, in our contemporary age, an increasing number of women are seeking employment. This assists in maintaining an ideal balance of feminine and masculine energies. However, when it comes to security and safety, no location is deemed secure. The greatest option is to hire a female security guard. Female security guards are available with us to protect your female office staff/workers. We provide the finest and most trained Lady Security Guard to ensure the protection and safety of female workers and personnel.

Armed Guards

SVK Security provides professionally trained armed guards including Ex-Army & Defence field personnel. Most of the business sectors like Banking, Jewellers, Corporate Houses etc. require high level security to safeguard their assets from the incoming threat. Our armed guards are fully trained and can handle the situations efficiently. We provide special training to our armed guards to serve a high level of security service and ensuring threat-free environment. 

Private Security / Personal Guards

Personal safety is the most important part of our lives. SVK Security is present all the time for anyone who needs the extra level of security. If you feel your safety is being compromised, a personal security guard may be the best way to secure you from any unwanted situation. Criminals who are concerned with only the money may be ready to confront and rob at any moment. Celebrities, High profile personalities, Entrepreneurs, Business tycoons, Politicians etc. are aware of the unwanted situations created by their rivals & fans as well that go over the edge. Our personal guards properly execute the conditions and evacuate you from any type of danger situations ensuring complete safety.

Detective Services

SVK Security provides professional level of detective services. Our services are purely confidential and based on honest investigations. Our services include investigation of fraud and cheating, shadowing, surveillance and trailing, pre- and post-employment verification, infringement of patents and trademarks, locating absconding debtors, pre and post matrimonial information.


SVK is engaged in offering Bouncer Services to our valuable clients. These professionals’ bouncers are positioned at places like bars, nightclubs, high-profile events or concerts in order to look after the security for verifying the legal age of entrants and restrict entry in case of intoxication, aggressive behaviour etc. Our professional bouncers are highly proficient in handling bad situation like fights and arguments that arise after high alcohol consumption.

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